Serving Spring Hill, Kansas since 1920

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Custom Crop Spraying

   Custom crop spraying is an essential service that local farmers depend on. For that reason Farmers Union acquired Ag Midwest, a local crop spraying business in the fall of 2013. General Manager Rita Cooper said " It made sense, We had worked with the company in the past and knew their knowledge and local experience would allow us to add a valuble service and hit the road running."

   Convenience, managing cost and liability concerns are just a few of the reasons you should rely on Farmers Union for the application of your herbicide, pesticide and fertilizer.  The trend toward no-till cropping and drift liability issues has accelerated custom herbicide and fertilizer application in the area, says Rita Coop, general manager of Farmers Union Coop. 


New fertilizer facility

   The new fertilizer plant built in 2013 will be up and running for the 2014 spring fertilizing season! 

   Increasing efficiency, safety and storage capacity were the main goals when the decision to invest in a new fertilizer plant was made. The new plant will allow for simultaneous loading and unloading of fertilizer, almost doubles the storage capacity of the old fertilizer plant and provides a safe and secure structure to house the fertilizer in.

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